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The Natacakes Story

Hello and welcome.

I am Nat, the face behind Natacakes, and this is my baking journey.


My passion for baking started when I was living in the UK.  Working in the hospitality industry I always had a love for food, but while I was living in London I found there was a mass of bakeries and cafes that sparked a whole new love of cakes. I decided to turn my passion into reality when I was given the chance to sell my baking to a local cafe in West London.

This was my first taste of putting my cakes out to the public, however it was time to move closer to home, so after moving to Melbourne, my husband and I had our son then our daughter and I decided to become a stay at home mum. This is when I started creating cakes for friends and family from home.

 A year later I decided it was time to take a massive leap of faith and take my passion further and that's when I created my business and started Natacakes from my kitchen.

My nickname to friends and family became Natacakes, and that name has stuck to this day, so here I am and that is my journey.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey and continues to support my small business.


Nat xo

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